Giving to the Poor

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Everyone I talk to understands the importance of giving, though most give to organizations. Rather than giving through an organization, though, perhaps you should consider cutting out the middleman and start giving directly to the poor. Instead of simply writing a check, find a needy person and reach out to them personally. You can give them your time, energy, clothes, food, or whatever else they need. It’s not someone else’s responsibility to take care of the poor, it is your responsibility.

There are many reasons we should help the poor directly. Below are some of those reasons:

  1. A¬†poor person has as much value as anyone else. Though our culture is obsessed with consumerism, someone’s personal value is not linked to how much money they have. We tend to equate financial worth with someone’s personal value, so the poor are always at the low end of the totem pole. We need to begin seeing them as were the humans, just as we are, and dealing with them face-to-face helps us to see them more that way.
  2. Helps us see them in a different light: most people believe that for people will only spend their money on drugs or alcohol. That’s how the excuse not giving money to them. Thing is, bad things happen. It doesn’t matter how someone became poor, we should reach out and try to help them.
  3. Love overcomes all: when we help someone it shows the love. It doesn’t matter if we believe they deserve something or not, we should give to them regardless. If each of us only received what we deserved, we would be in a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, too many people only think of themselves. They get wrapped up in their jobs, education, and families, and forget that, as humans, we should be looking out for one another. By showing love to another, we give them hope. What could be better than that?
  4. It puts us in a situation to interact: unfortunately, many people prefer to give to charities than to have direct contact with the poor. Americans generally see the poor as dirty and undeserving. We are able to keep our distance when we simply write a check but are forced to come face-to-face with the poor when we take it upon ourselves to give to those in need.

There are many excuses avoid giving to the poor and needy. None of those excuses are good enough to walk away from our responsibilities as a human being to help others. So, get out there and start helping those that are less fortunate. The rewards will be tremendous.