How to Begin Helping the Poor

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I have been asked many times over the past few years how to best begin helping the poor. My answer is to start small. The way to start small is to start with prayer. Pray that you will see opportunities before you and that Jesus would open up your eyes and ears to see these opportunities.

Next, look around and listen. Look for opportunities in your local newspaper. Look for places where you can volunteer. Listen around you for conversations about those in need.

Then, take the next step.

Taking Action

Try to get involved with the things you have seen and heard. For example, if you seen homeless people while driving around, create a gift back to give them. You can fill them with hygiene items in nonperishable food. As you drive around, give them away to those you see in need.

Perhaps you saw homeless shelter as you were looking and listening. If so, give them a call and find out what opportunities they have for volunteering. Try to get your family involved with volunteering at the homeless shelter, not just during the holiday seasons, but throughout the year.

Just remember as you pray, the people you’re led to may not be the poor and homeless at all. In fact, it may be a family member or your neighbors. The important thing is to keep your eyes and ears open as you continue to pray for guidance. Personally, one of the most memorable times I gave was to one of my neighbors. I heard they were struggling and was able to help them with groceries. It opened doors to a friendship that is lasted several years now, one that I would never have had otherwise.

Perhaps you have helped the poor and needy in other ways. If so, feel free to leave a comment below to tell us all about it. Perhaps by working together, we can help the multitudes struggling with poverty around our country while pointing them to the One that can help them with their life.





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