Giving a Hand Up Rather than a Handout

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Giving to the poor is not simply satisfying their temporary needs monetarily. In fact, the most effective way to help them is to provide them with lasting opportunities. Below are some ways you can do just that.

Build Relationships

Some of the most impactful changes come through building relationships. To truly help someone, you need to have an organic relationship of trust. This comes from listening to their real needs. Typically, those real needs include support, encouragement, and feedback.

Exchanging Services

You can help the poor help themselves by giving them opportunities to better themselves. Poor people don’t simply need your services or money, they need opportunities to do something life-changing for themselves. No one enjoys feeling helpless, so give them something they can do to earn your time or money, like wash your car or help clean your home.

Help them Learn New Skills

If you have a trade you are skilled at, consider teaching someone else. There are many skills that can be turned into opportunities for money. Perhaps you so and could teach a single mother how to do it so she can bring in a little income.

Give Them Encouragement

Many times, the best thing you can give someone is encouragement. Poor people are often trodden upon and discouraged. You can help them discover their strengths so they can find ways to bring themselves out of their situation.

Use Your Services to Help Them

Think about the services provided through your field of work and how they can help the poor. Maybe you work in a bakery that regularly throws out food that is out of date. Research ways to use that food to serve the poor within the community. If nothing else, call your local food pantry. They can pick it up and pass it out to those in need.

Too many times, charity is seen as merely giving financial donations. There are so many ways you can help the poor more effectively, though. By following the steps above, you can help those around you with a hand up rather than a handout.

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