Food Drives for the Hungry

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Food drives are a great way to help feed the hungry in your community. There are some things you need to keep in mind to help you have the best impact with your food drive, though. Continue reading for ideas to help you have a successful food drive.

Traditional Style Food Drives

The first step in organizing a food drive is to contact the food bank in your community. They can advise you on the food they need the most, the types of items they are able to accept, and the basics of food safety.

Unfortunately, food banks are unable to accept any kind of food. They generally have to follow many regulations, depending on your area. This means that not every product you have donated is suitable for the food bank. These food drives can take a lot of time and effort as you must sort through the items donated to ensure the food bank can accept them.

Another idea is to have a virtual food drive. This helps you to maximize your efforts while you support your local food bank. A virtual food drive saves you the trouble of moving heavy boxes and is a great way to help the needy in your community as people shop online to fill the food bank. I never heard of a virtual food drive until my friend that works with Roofing Dunedin, FL told me about his company having one to help hungry families for the holidays.

Food Bank Fundraiser

Raising money for the local food bank is a way to get a high return for your effort. Most food drives raise around 700 pounds of food per location or 583 meals. The average food Bank fundraiser brings in around $700 to the local food bank, which translates into 2100 meals. This is because the food banks can work with local distributors to purchase food well below retail cost. The best food banks are able to work with both manufacturers and retailers to purchase healthy, safe food that would go to waste otherwise. These donations are then distributed to those in need.

Regardless of how you help with feeding the hungry, by doing so, you’re making a real difference in the lives of individuals and families around this country.

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